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After a three year journey, Senical are delighted to report that the very first SmartFuse SPM™ devices have been installed into the Scottish & Southern Energy Power Distribution (SSEPD) led New Thames Valley Vision project in Bracknell. 

” The Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution (SSEPD) New Thames Valley Vision project team, have been working closely with Senical to complete the approval of the SmartFuse SPM™ for use at endpoints on the low voltage distribution network. This will allow energy usage data to be gathered to support the modelling and forecasting of loading of the low voltage network. Particular benefits of the SmartFuse SPM™ include the speed of installation (compared to conventional monitors), reducing disruption to customers and the ability to be installed at some locations where there is no possibility of gathering data from other types of monitor. Increased access to end point data by SSEPD, will facilitate increased use by customers of low carbon technologies such as electric vehicles, while continuing to manage the low voltage network in the most efficient manner.” said a SSEPD spokesperson.

We’re confident that all the hard work the team have invested into the SmartFuse SPM™ solution will quickly realise benefits for the project. There have been some challenging circumstances we have had to deal with during the development process, but with a diligent and practical approach, we have been able to deliver a new and exciting solution for monitoring and managing low voltage networks.