SmartFuse SPM™ (Supply Point Monitor) – Low Voltage (LV) Monitoring Solution

Senical’s SmartFuse SPM™ is a new, retro fit smart device which enables the gathering of electricity data at low voltage end points such as residential and small business properties.

The design allows the device to be fitted in a matter of minutes and does not produce any waste.

Because of its design, the SmartFuse SPM™ can also be fitted to electrical assets that have a suitable fuse point including both residential homes and business buildings.

As you can see from below, the SmartFuse SPM™can be used in a number of low voltage locations to monitor the power data remotely. By placing a unit in the fuse point at either end of the cable, data can be gathered to enable a view of what is being sent ‘out’ (from the substation) and what is being coming ‘in’ (at the home, streetlight, light commercial location).

Any unexpected differences that are identified can be investigated further. This information will enable the power companies’ to check the quality of its infrastructure, identify potential power theft and respond immediately to power outages.

Scaling the infrastructure.

When scaled, the system will allow the power company to have visibility of multiple low voltage segments. This capability will ‘fast track’ not only smart grid infrastructure, but also enable accurate data to ensure only power needed is generated.

Anti-Tamper Mechanism – know when supplies are interfered with

SmartFuse SPM™ has a built in anti-tamper mechanism which means any interference with the unit will immediately send an alarm back to base to alert the power company.

This is an important function for areas where power theft is an issue. Not only will visibility exist for power out and power in comparisons, alarms will be generated to the power company should the unit be removed from its holder.

This alarm is different from a genuine power loss which makes sure outages are not mistaken for theft.

What does SmartFuse SPM™ actually measure?

All of the measurements have configurable parameters. They can all be updated remotely which means if a scenario developed where enhanced monitoring was required, a new configuration could be pushed to the device over the air meaning there is no need for an engineer to attend site.

Software architecture

The SmartFuse SPM™ has been designed for scalability and as such, has dynamic and flexible software architecture to operate on.

Utilising current communications infrastructure such as GPRS networks, the solution runs our MCS™ control software which can easily be deployed onto physical or cloud based servers.

The MCS™ handles all traffic to and from the SmartFuse SPM™ units deployed in the field.

Some of the key benefits of the SmartFuse SPM solution

  • Complete smart data collection solution
  • ‘Retro fit’ SmartFuse SPM™ component
  • Rapid installation enables quick deployment of smart infrastructure
  • TCP/IP connectivity with SSL security
  • Real-time Alarms
  • Full ‘over the air’ firmware update facility
  • Data logging
  • Anti-Tamper mechanism and alerting