Senical are proud to introduce to you our latest technology development the datai™ system, a complete retro-fit, secure data capture and management solution for low voltage systems.

Built on our core SmartFuse SPM™ technology, the datai™ system allows you to manage a single asset through to distributed infrastructure.

Knowing that your equipment is operating correctly is a critical factor to your business or service operation. With the datai™, you can benefit from;

  • Real time alarms – Increased incident response, reduced outage and downtime to repair
  • Retro fit – Rapid installation – Reduce deployment costs and service disruption
  • Historical data for analysis – Extended life span of existing infrastructure
  • One reading per second – Understand ‘what happened’ leading up to an event
  • Configurable data parameters – You control what you want to see

Combing these advantages add up to; maximising your asset lifecycle and increasing revenue through reducing costs

The datai™ system utilises the GSM network for communications and can be used on Low Voltage systems or stand alone assets, typically 115/230V, 50Hz up to 100Amps.

The system monitors and records, Kwh+, Voltage, Current, Watts and external temperature, with last gasp alarm for power outage and settable alarms for over/under voltage, temperature and over current.

A simple installation in a matter of minutes allows a rapid and scalable deployment for your assets.

With a footprint of only 150 x 80 x 40mm making it small enough to fit into an electrical cabinet. The datai™ unit can either be permanently mounted or relocated for maximum flexibility.