Senical’s Smart Grid as a Service (SGaaS) solutions offer a new business model for organisation’s energy management needs. The datai™ & SmartFuse SPM™ are cutting edge technologies which enable lease based business models which drastically reduce upfront CapEx.

Expensive, complex systems coupled with intrusive and cumbersome infrastructure is probably the number one inhibiting factor when it comes to organisations making decisions on how to tackle the issue of energy efficiency. What is the capital outlay? How do we integrate with our existing architecture? What staff will we need to operate the system?

Wouldn’t it be good if there was a solution that was truly plug and play with a simple cloud based interface. Even better, wouldn’t it be good if we could simply lease some hardware and log in to an account to see our data when needed. All of those purchasing and rollout issue disappear!

This is why at Senical,  we have designed a solution that does exactly that. A solution that can be leased and installed rapidly. A solution that can be accessed by any device from anywhere.  A solution that can give you the data you require with control at your finger tips.

Having designed the Smart Fuse SPM™ technology in collaboration with Scottish & Southern Energy Power Distribution (SSEPD), one of the UK’s largest distribution network operators (DNOs), we listened to the feedback of our customers and designed the new and innovative datai™ solution.

With all the functionality of a utility grade monitoring solution, in a device the size of your average smart phone, the datai™ solution is the perfect, affordable and most simple to use system available.